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We run a backlink audit of your website to establish your domain authority score and your current backlink portfolio. We map out a backlink strategy where we identify A quick wins such as fixing broken back links B the type of websites and number of backlinks you need to boost your search engine rankings. Then we also develop a content strategy to identify topics that aligns with your keyword strategy and topics that will get published on other websites. Content development and outreach. Once the strategy has been finalised, we develop the content that our target websites will want to publish on their site. We also begin the outreach to suitable websites that will agree to publish the content with the embedded backlink. Monitor and measure. We monitor the backlinks impact on your domain authority and keyword rankings over time. SEO Link Building Services We Offer. Backlink Audits Analytics. Get in touch. We'd' love to get to the bottom of your data, marketing and performance headaches. Book in for a free discovery call and we will guide you towards the first step for success.
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Backlinks are still REALLY important. In fact, our study of 11.8 million search results found that backlinks correlate with rankings more than any other factor. And now its time to analyze your backlink profile. First, enter your homepage into a backlink analysis tool. Im using Semrush for this step. But you can also use any other SEO tool out there. And youll get a report on your links.: Then, check out referring domains and Domain Authority. Referring domains the number of different websites that link to you. Dont sweat the exact number too much. Youre just benchmarking where youre at. You also want to take a look at your Domain Authority. Every tool has its own name for Domain Authority. For example, Semrush calls it Authority Score. But the idea is the same.: Domain Authority tells you how much authority your site has based on a combination of the quantity AND quality of your backlinks.
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Once weve delivered a full SEO audit of your link profile, we can then advise on what link building strategy you should take, what you should be avoiding, best practice and whether your current link investment is worth it or whether you should change your link investment path. Frequently Asked Questions. Why is a backlink audit important?
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They can seriously damage your SEO score. This link on how to get backlinks will tell you how to purchase high-quality ones. Planning a Backlink Audit. Backlinks change so you must do a backlink audit every few months. Your links may lose their authority, or others may become more powerful.
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This process is standard for any SEO project due to the high impact that quality inbound links have on a website. Backlinks Audit and Review with Majestic Tools. CaliNetworks offers you Expert SEO Services at Affordable Rates. Affordable help is just a phone call away. Improve your sites organic traffic today with our proven methodology and expertise in SEO at CaliNetworks. Contact us at 805-409-7700 and hire a team of professional SEO analysts with over 15 years of experience today. From Keyword Research to Website Optimization, we offer the SEO services that can establish a solid brand name of trust and quality. Next Step: Google Algorithm Update History and Penalty Review. Previous Step: Social Media Strategy. Get a Quote for a Backlink Cleanup.
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Analyze Your Backlinks. Check For Manual Links Penalties. Link Requirement Estimate Plan. What is a Link Requirement Estimate Plan? Why do you Need a Link Requirement Estimate Plan? Link Requirement Estimate Plan Checklist. Target Distribution of Backlinks. Anchor Text Distribution. The Bottom Line. What is a Backlink Audit? A backlink audit is all about analyzing the quality of links towards your website from other domains with the aim to make sure that there arent any unnatural or spammy backlinks that could potentially hinder your sites SEO performance or result in a Google Manual Penalty. Why are Backlink Audits Important? Theres no denying the importance of links and, by extension, the art of link building has on your websites ability to rank. After all, links are one of the most powerful and important ranking factors in Googles Search algorithms. A Backlinko study of one million search results found that backlinks correlated with rankings more than any other ranking factor.
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Performing a Backlink Audit. At Efferent Media, performing an audit of your backlinks is an essential part of our monthly SEO maintenance and search engine optimization SEO strategy. Googles previous Head of the Web Spam Team, Matt Cutts, said that they take manual actions on about 400,000, websites every month. These actions vary for different reasons which weve outlined on our Penalty Recovery page. With all of the Google algorithm updates weve seen over the years even after the introduction of the Panda and Penguin updates, maintaining a healthy backlink profile is vital.
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Referring Domains - With these, you can estimate if the number of domains a site is currently reaching out to is enough. If you used Google Search Console in the first step of the audit, you should have a pretty good overview of your own external links. However, if you would like to get some insights on your competitors link profiles you would need a dedicated tool like Semrush, Ahrefs, or Moz, to help you achieve this. Read also: How to Measure the ROI of Building Backlinks. Check for Penalty Risks. Before you conduct a backlink analysis, its important to make sure that you dont have any penalized links. There are two types of link penalties - manual and algorithmic. Manual Penalty - This type of penalty happens when a member of Googles team reviews your link and finds something wrong with it. This review could be triggered by an error found in your link profile after Googles algorithmic review, a spam report by a competitive website if you were in a highly competitive niche that Google monitors actively, or if you just have bad luck.
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Home Services Search Engine Optimisation in Brighton Freelance Backlink Audit Disavow. Freelance Backlink Audit Disavow. 1 What is a backlink audit or backlink removal service? 1.1 How does the backlink audit process work? 1.2 What does a bad backlink look like?
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No Cheap tricks, Just Data and Hard Work. SEO Audit Services. Monthly SEO Services. SEO Blog Posts. About Waymaker SEO. Our SEO Backlink Building Process. One of the most important elements for Search Engine Optimization is having stronger relevant sites linked to your website. Ideally, this would happen completely organic, but with the number of websites, social media sites, and other distractions online, backlinks may need some help. This is where a Backlink Strategy is important.
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Request a quote and receive your free SEO audit report. Top-notch backlink audit services - How can you get benefit from our services? A backlink is the best ranking factor and an essential part of SEO strategy. It improves your site to satisfy the search engine and your targeted audience.

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