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Joseph PiƱeiro, SEO Manager at www.360training.com.: The most creative link building strategy weve implemented is the scholarship link building. Were currently in the process of it. This is a white hat link building technique where were creating a legitimate, biannual scholarship and marketing it to high schools and colleges around the country via email marketing campaigns.
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Test if your link is working by running this query in search: site example.com: inurl /slideshare.: Note: The presence of this link may be worth less than the actual traffic and branding potential that SlideShare could offer as part of a wider strategy. Award a scholarship. Consider offering a scholarship to students enrolled in a program related to your business.: Designate a page on your site explaining the scholarship offer, as well as terms and conditions. Notify the relevant accredited, reputable universities and colleges about your scholarship offer, and ask them to link back to your page for more information. The edu links typically carry high authority, but youll have to do your own analysis of each website, as not every edu is authoritative. Case in point: in our latest research on the impact of Panda 4.1, some edu sites did well, while others did not. Further information on link building. Backlink building is important, but don't' forget about internal links. Internal linking boosts your SEO resultsand alsohelps users discover more content on your site.
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Does Scholarship Link Building Still Work?
What Does A Scholarship Link Building Campaign Cost? In the 2018 case study mentioned above, the person got 12 backlinks from a scholarship and 200 cold emails. The more successful 2015 and 2016 case studies achieved 100, and 47, each, so the ceiling now is probably still higher than 12. With a dedicated campaign, you can probably easily hit somewhere around 30. So you could offer a $5,000, Scholarship and end up paying a lot less per backlink.
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ShortList.io is a link building agency where we help clients build links through white hat outreach. If you have questions on how to build links, I've' run dozens of campaigns and tested many different approaches such as guest posting, resource page link building, scholarship link building, infographics, etc.
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Excellent guidance about Edu backlinks which is help me to generate quality backlinks for my website. December 16, 2017. Im also curious about the resources. Thanks in advance. January 17, 2018. The amount of scholarship depends on your budget for your client or your website. But Id prefer the minimum to be $1000. Any amount lower than that wont be attractive to educational institutions. Ive seen $300 scholarship program, not sure how it went. Add comment Cancel reply. Sign up for updates delivered directly to your inbox. Link Building Tips For SEO Agencies, eCommerce, and Enterprise Brands. You Might Also Like. How to Create Brand Awareness Through Link Building. Brand building is the new link building.Communicating your brand in a way that captures the. Tactical Guide to Never Running Out of Link Prospects. Agility and efficiency are essential drivers of a successful link prospecting phase.Setting a plan. 5 Linkable Assets Examples How to Create and How to Build Links to Them.
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If you get these two correctly, you get lots of FREE links! Client 2 - Scholarship Link Building. Scholarship Link Building Campaign. For serious companies looking to get super high quality links. In this project, I launched several outreach campaigns that earned a lot of EDU links.
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Scholarship link building: Do colleges still give links? Its the holy grail of link building: the edu link. Colleges obviously have ridiculously high Domain Authority, and you can get a piece of that authority by getting one to link to you.
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Link-building is one of the most essential parts of developing an online presence and attracting website visitors. The strategies for effective link building include the creation of a power page, niche news posts, a focus on reverse engineering, guest posting, scholarship offers and school links, award bait/incentives for link sharing, and donation and sponsorship link-building.
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You are here: Home Link building Scholarship Link Building Strategy. Oct 06 2019. Scholarship Link Building Strategy. Scholarship link building is a widely practiced link strategy to acquire edu links from schools and universities by offering an outside scholarship to students.
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Monmouth Colleges scholarship listings link to hundreds of scholarship opportunities on external websites. Scholarship link building is where you set up a page on your website to promote a scholarship or bursary fund and encourage educational institutions with' '' edu domains to link to it from their scholarship portals.
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But getting a PR 5 page to approve your link to their website can be quite challenging. Here, if you use the name of a specific University for building the edu scholarship link building, it increases your odds of getting your link approved significantly.

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