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This is where our SEO PR and link building services come in. Earning SEO backlinks - where another website links to one of your pages - and successful SEO is about understanding the keywords that are most important to your brand, distributing your content on trusted and reliable platforms and ultimately, achieving better search engine results. A continual stream of links from authoritative websites, usually placed by PR professionals within the content they have created, has proven to have a large impact on organic visibility in search results. Make sure your digital marketing services use PR tactics to scale up SEO activity. PR professionals know how to combine PR and SEO efforts, what type of content makes an impact, what audiences want to know, and what journalists and editors are looking for.
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High authority backlinks, those that come from reputable and well-trafficked websites, are greatly favored by Google, Bing, and other SERPS, Search Engine Results Pages. In the broader picture of a content marketing strategy, Digital PR and Link Building go hand in hand. This integrated approach to content is also sometimes called a Content Distribution Ecosystem model of content marketing. The Content Distribution Ecosystem centers around keyword-connected content, including web pages, blog posts, videos, audio, and social media posts. Learn more about the Content Distribution Ecosystem. In a Content Distribution Ecosystem, backlinks are the connective pathways that turn individual pieces of content such as a blog post, video, infographic, press release, etc. into an integrated, coordinated content campaign that Google can analyze and rank in search from a consistent-themed content campaign perspective. What are SEO Backlinks? An SEO backlink is created when another website links back to your website via a hyperlink in a story or copy. Keep in mind that not just any backlink is an SEO relevant backlink. Googles algorithm analyzes a range of criteria to determine if your content and the link coming to it will help you rank higher in search. Key Factors For Quality Backlinks.
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We draw from years of dedicated experience as PR specialists, and combine this with our technical skills as an SEO agency. The result is a forward-thinking agency with the creativity to get high-quality links sustainably. Weve worked with clients across both business and consumer sectors, so know the ins and outs of quality link building in your sector. Well be clear and concise every step of the way, and will explain our strategy and plans with data-led insights.
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Digital PR and marketing are vital tools for building links an improving your SEO. But so is having a vast network of media contacts from which you can draw. If you dont have the contacts or the time to execute a PR campaign, consult a digital PR agency. They can help with the outreach required to establish your position as an industry expert. Plus, they can broaden your social media reach and community engagement. Use the tips and tricks discussed above to develop and execute your digital PR strategy and then measure your hits and misses. Over time, youll learn the ins and outs of digital PR and improve with each campaign, reaching even more customers. Link Building for SEO Guide Index. Link Building for SEO: A MarketMuse Guide. Backlink Analysis: Getting the Most Out of Link Building. Link Building Outreach: Tips, Tools, and Tactics. Link Building With Digital PR. How MarketMuse Scales Your Linking Strategy. What you should do now.
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Paying for links or using these tools will only mean that new links have no added value to your users, and if you want to get penalised, this is a sure way to do it. The challenge here is having an ability to secure high quality and high domain authority links, which goes back to building those journalist and publisher relationships and using PR tactics to build your SEO strategy. To keep improving your rankings and link profile, you will need to be constantly increasing the quality of links and the number of the links you get. Which is doable at first in a low competition industry and a low starting position, but becomes incrementally more difficult with time. How PR and content can improve link building campaigns.
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Digital PR is made up of a little bit of everything; traditional PR, content marketing, link building and social media. The aim is still to get coverage in the national newspapers and publications but now the focus is their online sites.
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Link building outreach services. Links are one of the most critical ways that Google determines the quality of a webpage, and they are factored into rankings. So the more backlinks you can generate, the better. But SEO outreach isnt just about grabbing as many links as possible - a successful SEO outreach campaign focuses on obtaining high-quality, authoritative links back to your page. A few well-executed backlinks will do a lot more for your site than hundreds of poor-quality ones. A backlink from the right website gives you the seal of approval from a page that Google already trusts - transferring some of that reputation to you. Well make sure your SEO outreach campaign gets the right results. Tailored digital PR campaigns.
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Get the scoop on the latest and greatest from Moz. New Feature: Moz Pro Surface actionable competitive intel. Moz Local Dashboard. Mozscape API Dashboard. Meet our newest Moz metric, Brand Authority! How to Supercharge Link Building with a Digital PR Newsroom.
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The benefits to link building. Search engines like Google use them as a key ranking signal - so theyre really important. Referral traffic will increase the better your organic SEO profile is - increasing the chance of creating more leads or sales and money! We can build an established network of online relationships that matter to you, your clients and your audiences, helping SEO and much more. It helps create content that has value - not just stuff for the sake of doing stuff! Because it is worth linking to, we have a purpose for creating content that has value to an audience. It supports brand building and awareness, which combined with a lead generation strategy, brings long-term as well as short term benefits for businesses. Its measurable and the ROI is provable! Want to know more about link-building and outreach? If you want to find out more about creating an effective SEO, link-building and outreach strategy, please get in touch. Paid Social Native Sponsored Content Influencer Marketing. SEO Content Marketing Email Marketing Websites. Organic Social Groups and Forums Online Reviews. Digital PR Media Relations Linkbuilding Outreach.
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I talked about business, motivation, and most importantly, about PR link building. I hope everyone finds a fraction of knowledge and useful bites of information that will help and inspire, in this conversation.Thanks Ben Goodey for hosting the podcats seo digitalpr.
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External link building. Generating relevant, high quality backlinks from trusted sources, such as industry news sites and blogs, signals to Googles algorithms that your website is a valuable resource. External links from trusted websites and industry sources can revolutionise your search engine optimisation SEO. An effective digital PR programme is key to making sure you appear higher up the ranking on internet searches carried out by your customers.

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